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'the eraser' is thom yorke's album. all of the things i have posted here are the work of thom and stanley donwood. the original files are available at in .pdf form. i thought it would be nice to have them here along with the transcriptions as they are a view into the way thom and mr. donwood create.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


tapping ashes edit2

1.tapping ashes
tapping ashes
nasty people
nasty business

2.i do not want to be
part of this
they do not want to be
they do not want to me be happy happy

3.happy happy
tappy tappy
happy clappy
tapping ashes

4.theres nothing going on
behind the eyes
behind the eyes
its thenasty nasty nasty nasty

5.nasty party
nasty business
a falling steeple
that hits the people in nutville
empty rattle (or raffle)
i get no action
theres nothing happening

7.i am becoming a boring person
a boring person
a boring person
a nasty nasty nasty nasty

8.nasty person
tapping ashes
getting fractous
whats my problem?

9.we dont want to see em
in the garden
a barbeque
twitchy curtains

10.put the tail on the donkey
on the donkey
somthing big
to pin it upon


11.tapping ashes
tapping ashes
got a light boy?
box of matches

12.lighted candles
tightly sewn
its a lovely lovely lovely lawn

13.tappy tappy
tapping ashes
bibles bashers
your hair is on fire

14.trapped in heads
sharp as new pins


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