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'the eraser' is thom yorke's album. all of the things i have posted here are the work of thom and stanley donwood. the original files are available at in .pdf form. i thought it would be nice to have them here along with the transcriptions as they are a view into the way thom and mr. donwood create.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


Real Politik
other guitar lines.. processed and sampled as pads to play..additional guitar riffs
festival in the desert

It comes to you naked and afraid
for mercy
and begs you for bread for shelter and a bed

it begs to be brought out of the cold
for mercy
it begs to warm its blue limbs by your fire


it comes to you begging you to stop
for mercy
but you dont have the love inside you to forgive

you call up a witchhunt/lynchmob instead
no mercy
a fire breathing dragon of local hypocrits


you bomb the weak and the infants/infirm
in the name of god. no mercy.

you reach for you cross instead
and bible
a firebreathing witchhunt of local hypocrits

so quick to judge both the living and the dead

scatter bomb


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