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'the eraser' is thom yorke's album. all of the things i have posted here are the work of thom and stanley donwood. the original files are available at in .pdf form. i thought it would be nice to have them here along with the transcriptions as they are a view into the way thom and mr. donwood create.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008


this is your chance for happiness
you resist because you are a mess
and all these things will come to thee
in endless possibilities.

open your gates your and go with it
im not about to let you slip
the answers are within your reach
so long as you don't panic.
a pulse from other stations
from future generations
a pulse

open your mind. switch to receive.
the endless possibilities.
a pulse from other stations. i'm not about to let you slip.
from future generations
the answers are within your reach.


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